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Class of '75 Reunion information:
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April Bulldogs of the Month

Front Row:  L-R:  Charlotte Jerkins and Camryn McCallister
Middle Row:  L - R:  Emily Fittante and Fallon Ratliff
Back Row:  L - R:  Cason Adams, Cody Menhennett, and Tyler Hicks

Building Relationships between Teachers and SHS Students

L - R:  Traci Green (teacher, April McDonald, Victor Rivera, Raissa Marinari, and Trent Selph

Front Row:  L - R:  Robert Grass and Tasheana Jones
Back Row:  L - R:  Christian Butcher, Roger Sumner (teacher) and Angel Soto-Rivera

Building Relationships between SHS students and Live Oak Police Officers

L - R:  Officer Teresa Williams, Andrew Batton, Philip Royce, Garrin Cantella, Kayli Burkett, and Officer Kyle Kirby
SHS Parent Survey.  Please click the check mark
In an effort to improve system practices, Suwannee High School is conducting a Parent Survey.  We value your opinion and ask that you take the time to complete this survey.  Please click the check mark.

What Parents Need to Know about EV-D68

Washing hands correctly —using soap and water and washing for at least 20 seconds...
is the most important thing you can do to stay healthy.

As you are likely aware, the United States has been experiencing a nationwide outbreak of Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) associated with severe respiratory illness that has been especially harmful to children.
Almost all of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-confirmed cases this year of EV-D68 infection have been among children.  Many of the children had asthma or a history of wheezing.  Many parents continue to be worried about the outbreak and want information about what they can do to prevent illness and protect themselves and their families.   

Click Here to download the Parent Fact Sheet
This link contains information about transmission, symptoms, treatment and ways to help protect your family from EV-D68.

Show you support for the Suwannee Bulldogs by joining the Quarterback Club!  By supporting the Bulldogs Football Program you are actually helping to support all 14 sports and 29 teams at Suwannee High School!  Funds raised by the Quarterback Club support the Football Program, which allows Athletic Department funds to support the other athletic programs.
Membership levels begin at ONLY $100.
Call Jim Daniels for more information at 386-362-8117

Mission Statement

Suwannee High School will provide a safe, harmonious learning environment that creates positive interactions among teachers, students, and community while promoting optimal skill development, leading to success for all.

We Believe:

1.  All students can learn and have the potential to 
     achieve and succeed
2.  A safe and physically comfortable environment
     promotes learning
3.  Students learn best when actively engaged in the
     learning process
4.  Teachers, parents, students. and community share the 
     responsibility for the support of the school's mission
5.  Each student is a valued individual with unique physical,
     social, emotional. and intellectual needs who deserves 
     instructional  practices which incorporate challenging
     learning activities that take into account differences in
     learning styles

Vision Statement

Suwannee High School will meet the highest academic and social standards as set by the State of Florida and the federal government.

Student Insurance

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance is available for a one time annual price of $12.00.
To get more information visit https://www.schoolinsuranceagency.com.

Math Tutoring

Math Lab available for extra help on:
        Monday and Thursday 3:00 - 4:00 pm  Rm. 19  (Mrs. Brown-Thomas)
        Tuesday and Wednesday, 3:00 - 4:00 pm   Rm 342  (Mr. Sellers)

Testing Resources for parents. Click the logo above.

Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
boys basketball
Girls Basketball
Boys Wrestling
Boys Soccer
Girls Basketball
boys basketball
Girls Soccer
Boys Wrestling

Building Teacher/Student Relationships April 23, 2015

L-R Audrey Marshall, teacher; Holland Freeman,
Jesse Carver and Lily Wainwright

Building Relationships:  Live Oak Police Department
 and SHS Students

L-R: Front Row: Officer Dustin Musgrove, Jose Rivera,
 Dakota Strang & Chief Buddy Williams.
Back Row:  Ciandra Smith and Officer Ty Smith

Officer Jacob Williamson, Briana Shearer, Kyler Gray,
Taylor Blackmon, Miguel Canjay
and Detective Larry Rogers.

Building Teacher
and Student Relationships

L-R Front Row: Kaylyn Harris,
Neena Brown-Thomas (teacher), Dominique Williams
L-R Back Row:  Frederick Williams
and Roy Wainwright

Top Dogs for the
month of March

L-R Front:  Manny Lewis and Lydia Corbett
L-R Back: Logan Liles, Sam McMillan,
Michele Lee,   Mitchell Collins
and David Tran
(not pictured: Alyssa Howard)

Building Relationships.
 Live Oak Police Officers and SHS Students

L-R:  Officer Dereck Slaughter, Shania Hollie,
Jatavius Austin,Leonel Garcia, Arantez Hunter,
and Officer Doug Holman

Perfect Attendance Tablet
Winner:  Margaret Reaves

Building Student
Teacher Relationships
 L-R:  Brandon Furry, Lindsey Smithart,
Mrs. Paula McMillan
(teacher) and Matthew Ernst

Perfect Attendance Students

Building Student Teacher Relationships
L-R Gary Sansone, Molly Vogel,
Pam Williams (Art Instructor)
and Samantha McManaway

Bulldogs of the month -
January 2015


Bullying is Not Welcome @ SHS

Bullying will not be tolerated in Suwannee County Schools.  It's important that all students have a safe learning environment and therefore, there are several methods for reporting suspected bullying incidents: 

  •       You can contact a school by phone and report it to school personnel
  •       You can make a report in person
  •       You can submit an Online Bullying Report here