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Show you support for the Suwannee Bulldogs by joining the Quarterback Club!  By supporting the Bulldogs Football Program you are actually helping to support all 14 sports and 29 teams at Suwannee High School!  Funds raised by the Quarterback Club support the Football Program, which allows Athletic Department funds to support the other athletic programs.
Membership levels begin at ONLY $100.
Call Jim Daniels for more information at 386-362-8117
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Mission Statement

Suwannee High School will provide a safe, harmonious learning environment that creates positive interactions among teachers, students, and community while promoting optimal skill development, leading to success for all.

We Believe:

1.  All students can learn and have the potential to 
     achieve and succeed
2.  A safe and physically comfortable environment
     promotes learning
3.  Students learn best when actively engaged in the
     learning process
4.  Teachers, parents, students. and community share the 
     responsibility for the support of the school's mission
5.  Each student is a valued individual with unique physical,
     social, emotional. and intellectual needs who deserves 
     instructional  practices which incorporate challenging
     learning activities that take into account differences in
     learning styles

Vision Statement

Suwannee High School will meet the highest academic and social standards as set by the State of Florida and the federal government.

Textbooks Online

English Text
To access the general resource version of the textbook:
1. Go to
2 Click on the image of the textbook that corresponds to your textbook.
ebook version of text:
1. Go to
2. Enter the password for the course in which you are enrolled:
        English IV: fhwmxvx 
        English III: qepjqoj 
        English II: lybvqwr 
        English I: xszbfvq


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Student Insurance

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance is available for a one time annual price of $12.00.
To get more information visit https://www.schoolinsuranceagency.com.

Math Tutoring

Math Lab available for extra help on:
        Monday and Thursday 3:00 - 4:00 pm  Rm. 19  (Mrs. Brown-Thomas)
        Tuesday and Wednesday, 3:00 - 4:00 pm   Rm 342  (Mr. Sellers)

Bullying is Not Welcome @ SHS

Bullying will not be tolerated in Suwannee County Schools.  It's important that all students have a safe learning environment and therefore, there are several methods for reporting suspected bullying incidents: 

  •       You can contact a school by phone and report it to school personnel
  •       You can make a report in person
  •       You can submit an Online Bullying Report here
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